Ms. Williams enrolled in Law School after her brother's  crushing Trial and incarceration.  He is the Only Son of  5 children.  She earned academic
recognition in Trial Practice in addition to other areas of Law, and was chosen by the Law School's graduating class as Commencement speaker.  After
two standing ovations for Rawsi's speech "
Lead Through Service,"  FL Attorney General Pam Bondi stood before the entire assembly and requested
Rawsi work for her office.  Prior to becoming an attorney, Ms. Williams had over 20 year's health care experience beginning in the Army, and is still a
Registered Nurse.  She is Florida's only Attorney who is a state-approved ALF Core Trainer, AFCH Trainer, and Certified ALF Administrator.  She has
worked in vast clinical, administrative, management, and consulting roles, and possesses multiple credentials. She authored the exclusive
Care Legal Nurse Consultant
 (LTCLNC) certification, and still provides training in our online Caduceus Gavel center.  Ms. Williams is admitted in State
and Federal Courts, and has successfully represented clients statewide.  She intentionally serves you in the Practice Areas which affected her life
personally and professionally at the boutique office of
Rawsi Williams Law Group. She volunteers in the community and hosts our weekly Live "YOU Be
The Jury!"
outreach broadcast.  Her attorney peers elected her Chairperson of the National Bar Association's Administrative Law Section, and have
retained her as
Expert Witness, Co-Counsel, and Consultant (see Attorney endorsements on our Results page). She still represents select cases for
the Miami-Dade Public Defender's Office
without charge; serves on multiple committees; has instructed legal seminars where both attorneys and judges
were learners; and, served as Presiding Judge for the
American Association For Justice's Mock Trial Competition among over 16 Law Schools.  She
has been invited as Keynote Speaker at many professional events, and is known as
The Evangelist of Defense for her sermonic voice but targeted
Fight.   Due to the pain and vulnerability her family endured when undergoing her brother's trial and incarceration, Ms. Williams knows firsthand the
helpless feeling of walking in your shoes.  Accordingly, she not only brings  textbook knowledge but also personal insight  to her fiercely passionate
litigation of your interests.  She and her Co-Counsel vehemently fight for you whether it's litigating to verdict or obtaining Dismissal of the charges. Her
diverse clientele have written testimonials, sent flowers, and thank-you letters  praising her representation.  
It's Her PURPOSE to Fight for Your
.  Contact Her Now.

    Ms. Rawsi Williams, Esq., R.N.
    Attorney | Registered Nurse | Veteran
    "The Evangelist of Defense"


                           CO-COUNSEL:  WES DUNAWAY, ESQ.  
                                           FRANKLYN ROMAN, ESQ.
The speech you are hearing is "Lead Through Service" spoken by Ms. Williams as Commencement Speaker for FAMU College of Law.    It is posted in
honor of the late Ms. Stephanie Holston, R.N., Ms. Williams' great friend and colleague who passed away from Cancer in 2015, and who recorded this
speech on her cellphone unbeknown to Ms. Williams (so please excuse the sound clarity.) Ms. Williams received two standing ovations from the entire
Faculty, graduating class, audience, and special guests including FL Attorney General Pam Bondi, who subsequently stood at the Podium in front of
the entire assembly and requested Rawsi work at her office.