PROBATE | TRUSTS | GUARDIANSHIP generally fall under Estate Planning, where one takes the time to prepare for the future
by ensuring the
house is legally in order now.  Although this process is usually associated with passing away, it is important to
remember that
Estate Planning is not about Death; it's about LIFE!! You're doing what needs to be done now so that you can live
your days assured that all you need is in place for you, and your generations to come!  Accordingly, you are never too young to
start this process, or too old to get it tuned-up or started anew if you never commenced this process.  And as life changes, so
should your Estate Planning.  
Probate includes drafting a Power of Attorney, valid  Will (Testamentary),  and Advance Directive
("Living Will" ).
Trusts include establishing the format of how your money is to be utilized and disbursed; this can be while you're
alive, and/or after you pass away.  One of the greatest factors regarding
Trusts is that they[re outside of Probate; this means that
they don't fall under the requirements of Probate Law to have an estate opened and closed by a Judge (or any court) to disburse
the funds.  This also provides the added layer of confidentiality since they are not public record.  There are many different types
of Trusts.  In many instances, you may have both a
Trust and a Will.  Additionally, Trusts are not only comprised of money, but
real property (homes) can also be deposited into Trust.  
Guardianship pertains to grant of legal authority by a Court over
someone else, usually an adult, and the legal process required to obtain guardianship.   At times,
DCF (Department of Children
and Families) may be involved in this process in support of you, or making allegations against you.  Ms. Williams has successfully
represented multiple Clients in
Probate and Guardianship, including contested cases, Elder Abuse, and Child Abuse.  
Additionally, her multiple years of Nursing experience in Long-Term Care/Nursing Homes, Hospice, Home Health, and dealing with
Medicare and Medicaid provide a concrete advantage in knowing how the federal and state rules affect an estate, including
transfer of assets.
 Because remember, whether it's 1 million, 100,000, or 10,000 in money and/or property, you or your
loved ones worked hard to earn it.  Now, make sure you do what is needed to protect it! Contact Ms. Williams Today.
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