"I've been doing these cases for 6 years, and you're the first attorney that I've seen win it! I've never seen an attorney convince DCF  AND the
Judge to change its mind in this type of case. I saw that Judge go from leaning back with his mind already made up that DCF was right, to
sitting up, then to leaning forward when you presented your case. I am really impressed!"

----State/Florida Regional Counsel regarding Ms. Williams' success/win at Trial.
Ms. Williams, along with her Co-Counsel, passionately practice and focus specifically on areas of Law which strongly affected her life personally and professionally.  Our practice areas
are a chosen boutique specialty where we dedicate ourselves to aggressively serving our clients in these specific areas,  so when you need legal representation in these matters,
THIS is THE place you Call!
We Comprehensively protect Your
Life, Liberties, Livelihood, and Legacy.   Ms. Williams also provides Consulting, Co-Counsel, and Expert Witness services.
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"Ms. Williams is one of the best Criminal Defense Attorneys... You have one of the best Criminal Defense attorneys
in Miami and my (Family Member) is a Criminal Defense Attorney."
---Prosecutor to My Client